two of three

April 21, 2010


something legit

April 19, 2010

Two years ago I landed a part time job at Anthropologie. Just walking into the store in Highland Park Village was inspiring: natural light, the smells of French cade and lavendar, racks of beautiful patterns and unfinished wooden floors. That’s where I met Something Legit writer Laura Busby. Though our days of employee appreciation are over, Laura maintains her style and passion for sharing advice through a fashion blog with Lauren Cone. This past weekend we did a fashion shoot to show off their abilities. Overhauling someone’s style can be challenging because you don’t want to leave the person with fashion that they cannot maintain. More images to come, but thought I would put up just a taste.

dallas, tx

April 12, 2010

It has been a full weekend. As I finish up work due tomorrow, I want to share a few photos from other fun projects. I’ll post finals of these soon.

My friends and I have been taking full advantage of the beautiful nights lately. Sipping margaritas on a patio is wonderful.